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Fomo: Tyranny of choice

Years ago at the final two terms in her study, the writer was faced with greatest stress about elective subjects to choose from. There were so many interesting subjects delivered by famous tenure and visiting professors from Ivy League schools who are experts for very specific business topics. The school …

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FAST FASHION: Shocking real cost

Years ago when the writer had her MBA study abroad, munching and crunching over 500 business cases, there was one particular case really amazed her: ZARA. It is now consistently one of top three biggest group in fashion industry, making its founder 3rd or 4th FORBES’ richest man on earth. …

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Big Data and Psychometrics: The Dark Side

Few years ago there was a big trend in IT industry: Big Data. Everybody seemed to be doing it, especially service providers who relies so much on information about their customers, competitors, and the market in general to keep up with the competition. They collect everything about everything and everybody, …

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Short Attention Span and Instant Gratification

Ever wonder why teenagers roll their eyes more often, we love to shuffle or fast-forward songs in our music playlists, or we love twitter so much more than ‘boring’ lengthy news articles? We seem to prefer things short, easy, and super fast, otherwise we would loose patience. We have more …

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Alternative Measure of Nations’ Success

Lately we’ve been bombarded by statements regarding purchasing power from pundits on behalf of important economic stakeholders in the country. But is purchasing power really a correct metric to measure nations’ development? Indonesia is a vast country of thousands of islands with one of the most diverse population. That fact …

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