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Angel Fall in My Embrace – Chapter 66

They were quiet for some times. Miles stabbed her with his piercing eyes and Kirana looked anywhere but him. She could not stand back. She had to face him and told him her final decision. He might have his opinion, but for her, it was the best.

“I’m going to put my resignation letter on your desk tomorrow morning.” She announced.

“That’s up to you. I still keep some perfume and soap in my house. I can use it to accompany me.” Miles took some steps back away from her.

Perfume and soap? Was that meant he would not let the memories about them to go away from his life? He wanted to live with her shadow? What was he thinking? Was he trying to change her mind by getting her sympathy? He would not succeed. He could not be achieved it.

“Don’t do this to me, Miles.” She pleaded.

Miles stopped a vacant taxi. He gave Kirana’s suitcase to the driver so he could put it in the trunk. She just watched him and tried nothing to approach him. He nodded thoughtfully.

“Good bye, Kirana.” Miles climbed into his car. He left without a glance back at her.

Shaking, Kirana got into the taxi. After mentioned her address, the driver turned on the argo and drove the car. It needed more than two hours to stop at a shop and arrived at her home. Not exactly her home for it was a rent house. However, she stayed there for six years. She saw her son sat on a chair in the porch while he was looking at the street.

“Mommy, Mommy!” William welcomed her as he ran toward her when she got out the taxi. Kirana laughed happily. Maybe William was not enough. But, he was the only one that belonged to her.

“Hi, baby.” Kirana knelt and opened her arms widely. When he was in her hug, he kissed his blond hair.

“I miss you.” He said in a husky tone.

“I miss you too, sweetheart.” Kirana replied. Then she felt a lump in her throat realized she just said his favorite word for her.

“My name is Will, not sweetheart or baby.” William objected as always.

“Okay, okay.” Kirana chuckled.

“Hi, Mam. I’m so sorry. Will didn’t hear me. He ran away from the gate. Thank God, there’s no car around.” Helen said regretfully.

“No problem, Helen. I know he act like this when he missed me.” Kirana released her hug and stood up. “Are you going home?” She looked at her backpack. William held Kirana’s jeans tightly.

“Yes, Mam. If there’s nothing you need me to do.” She said hopefully. There was nothing she needed to do, not at the moment or ever again. But Kirana did say it.

“Okay. Thank you for taking care of my Will.” Kirana gave her an envelope. Her fee for watching William while she was away. She accepted it joyfully.

“My pleasure, Mam.” She said as she put the envelope into her jeans pocket. “Bye, Will.”

“Bye, Miss Helen.” William waved his free hand.

Kirana paid the taxi, pulled her suitcase with her hand, and carried a plastic bag with her other hand. William was still holding her jeans walked beside his mother. She secured the padlock in the gate. William smiled widely as they got into the house. He obviously relieved she would not go anywhere. She opened the door and let him entered first. He rushed in and climbed the stairs.

After she locked the door, Kirana put the key in a wooded box on the cabinet. She sat on a couch and squeezed her sore ankle. Finally, she was home. There was no place more comfortable than home.

And in Miles’s embrace.

Quickly she batted away the thought. No. She had to forget what had happened. What happened in Singapore, stayed in Singapore.

“Mommy, Mommy, look!” William ran toward her waved a paper in his hand.

“What is this?” She asked. It was a drawing. A black hair woman with the curl on the tip was hand in hand with a blond hair little boy. There was a writing on their heads. I love my mommy. “I love you too, sweetheart.”

“Will, Mommy.” He protested.

“Okay. I love you too, Will.” Kirana kissed his soft cheek. William cupped her face and smooched her lips. A pair of blue eyes sending her back to Miles.

I love you, Kirana. Again, she threw away the memory. Why did it keep coming back.

“I also drew Nemo.” William picked a paper under the first drawing. Kirana smiled as she stared at a fish drawing that looked like a puffer fish.

“I have something for you.” She winked.

“You do? You remember my birthday, Mom?” He asked hopefully.

“I do.” Kirana stood up and walked to her room. William followed her from behind. She took out a huge box from the top of the closet. He widened his eyes.

“You bought the present I want?” He asked.

“Yes, I did.” She gave him the box. William ripped the wrapping paper. His eyes broadened as he saw the box picture. He yelled cheerfully and hugged her tight.

“Thank you, Mom. I love you, I love you, I love you!” He yelled.

“Happy birthday, Will Bradford.” Then Kirana widened her eyes as she realized what she just said. She mentioned Miles’s surname after her son’s name. William too excited with the present and did not hear her. Kirana breathed a sigh of relief.

“Did you buy the cake?” He lessened his hug and looked at her eyes. Kirana beamed.

“Yes, I did.” She stood and gave her hand toward him. William reached up. “Let’s finish them all.”

“I want cheese and blueberry cupcakes.”

“I bought some of them.”

They sat on the chair in the dining room after washed their hands. Kirana took out a huge box from the bag and opened it. William wet his lips with his tongue. Kirana chuckled. She put two William’s favorite cupcakes o his plate. He ate it greedily. He did not say anything for he was busy finishing them. Kirana let he ate four cupcakes and kept the rest for the next day. Kirana just finished one. She lost her appetite.

Before bed, she read a story for her son. William asked her a lot of question every time he found something new in the story. She answered it patiently. Minutes later, he was fallen asleep. Kirana looked at him for some minutes, before she cover his body with a blanket and kissed his forehead.

They would be okay. No matter what happened, Miles could not know about him. He would mad at her like he felt toward his late wife. She could not bear it. She had no rights to conceive without his consent. He would be really mad. If he took William from her, she better died.

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