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Angel Falls in My Embrace – Chapter 25

What would he do now? Staying married in this unhappy marriage? Letting his wife intimidated him to give her a child, but avoided help from doctors? Tolerated her launched any accusation that made him useless and worthless? If it kept going on, until when did he survive?

Telling Angelica’s family about this matter was not a smart move. They chose to believe in her. No wonder. She was a part of their family. Miles was just a husband. She was only a woman, the vulnerable one and the only victim in their marriage and he was strong and reasonable to be the suspect.

A year after the decision to get pregnant, Miles asked her parents to console her and be with her. Having a child was not an easy or instant procedure. He did not get the support except for their allegation that accused him as an incapable husband. Eleven years married their daughter and sister but could not give her a child.

The day after the meeting, four of her brothers called him. They threatened him that they would harm him if he ever hurt their sister. He was never afraid of their threat. He could protect himself. He was taller and stronger than four of them were. Even though they came together to hit him at once, he could easily bring them down. They knew it. However, it was never stop them to intimidate him.

He really did want to keep their eleven-year-marriage going strong. He loved his wife and fought together to have child. He wanted them to be together in this. Not by accused him sterile or incapable every time they failed. He would never know how his in-laws misunderstood him. He would never understood how his brothers-in-law thought he was the one that made their sister suffered.

On the second year with no success, he asked her wife to go to the specialist together. The suggestion was harshly rejected. She assumed that the result would break their marriage. As if the arguments that going on and on between them for two years would not ruin it.

Reassured his wife, he promised he would divorce her if she could find a man who could give her a child, for when he was sterile. She was desperately wanted a child she born herself. Staying married with Miles would not solve anything. On the contrary, they would adopt a child and stay together, if she was sterile.

His biggest dream in marriage was not a child, but growing old together with the wife he adored. If a child could make Angelica happy, he would give her one. Including adopted a child or two. He had no objection to raise a child who was not born from her womb. He would love him as his own child.

Out of his presumption, his words become a boomerang that hit him back. For he suggested they should divorce, Angelica thought that he had an affair. When he tried to explain it, she cried, yelled, sobbed, and called him a cheater, betrayer, adulterer. Every label that was had the same meaning.

After three years, his in-laws visited him. He came back home from work and found them gathering in the living room with his wife. They mad at him as he let his wife suffered. Angelica sat and cried in front of him, between her parents.

Hearing they mentioned about other women, Miles knew they were all his wife words. They suddenly quiet when he asked for evidence. The proof that showed he was cheating on his wife. For no one could answer his question, he left the room. It was wasting time trying to explain something to people who already had their own perceptions.

One of his brothers-in-law was following him to the bedroom. He kept on saying words to provoke him. Nevertheless, he stayed quiet and did not argue back. He just unbuttoned his shirt and showed him all the bitten and scratches he got two days ago. The man widened his eyes and said nothing.

Miles did not need to explain anything about it. His reaction talked louder. He was keeping the secret for years, so he was glad he followed him. He could not do it in the living room. His mother-in-law would stop breathing when she saw the scars.

Miles did not care whether his brother-in-law told his family or silenced about what he just saw. They must be thinking the worst of him. Perhaps they even believed that he was cheating and the scars were from the other woman, not his wife. But he did not care. His respect for his in-laws was gone since they chose to blindly defend Angelica and not save the marriage.

Dissatisfied with the outcome after slandering her own husband in front of her family, Angelica spread a rumor in his office. Miles was lucky. His workers were faithful. They knew him very well so they barely listened to any gossip about his personal life. Only his assistant and one of women in the receptionist heard the rumor. Angelica sobbed as she accused him cheating with someone. However, no one of the workers wanted to spread it.

He could not ask anyone help to save his marriage. What should he do? Asking his parents to be involved was not a wise decision. He did not want to burden their lives with his problems. His wife did not like Amanda and Shane, vice versa. His mother or father would not talk with her. Asking her best friends opinions were not an option either. They would choose her side.

Did it mean he had to fight alone again?

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