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Angel Falls in My Embrace – Chapter 26

When Romeo was out of her sight, Kirana let her tears ran down her cheeks. Her chest tightened and her heart broke. She was sobbing and did not care whether the taxi driver heard it. She just wanted to cry and she would do just that.

Their intercourse was not forever. She knew that. It was just a fling to enjoy a vacation. They were having fun during the weekend. They did it based on the deal between two adults. Two people consciously decided to spend three nights on bed. But that did not mean the goodbye would not hurt badly. Thinking about the separation would be forever hurt her so much.

In life, she could not get everything she wanted. Sometimes she only got one from her three wishes. She knew that too. Kirana got one thing she highly craved for. Had sex during her fertile days. Wanted the other thing was too much even for her.

She refused Romeo’s name card. The only clue that could help her to find him in the future. She also declined to stay one more day. Even though she extremely wanted it, she realized that sooner or later their intercourse had to be ended. Why would it need to be extended if they had no future together?

Romeo was single. Kirana had no boyfriend. If they interested, they could have into a relationship. But the man came from a foreign country. Kirana did not plan to leave her country for the sake of love and convert her citizenship as Ratri did. She did not want to change her identity. She wanted to stay where she was and what she was.

She chose the right way. Romeo and she could not stay together forever. Their story was for three nights only. So why did she keep crying? Why could she not stop the tears? Why did her chest tighten and hurt? Were they getting close because of the intimacy? Could she forget him and move on without thinking about him anymore? What about him, could he forget her as well?

Saw the airport gate, Kirana surprised she was still crying. She took out tissues from her sling bag and wiped her face. Assured that her face dried enough and the tears stopped falling down, she talked to the driver and paid the fee. She got off the taxi as the driver took the suitcase out of the trunk.

She repeatedly wiped her tears with tissues, but the tears kept falling down. When she got into the departure terminal, waited for her turn in check-in counter, bought some souvenirs in the gift shop, queued in immigration counter, until she boarded to the aircraft. She could not stop crying.

Sat in the same row with foreigners on her left side, Kirana relieved no one of them had a chat with her. When the airplane safely took off and the seat belt light was off, one of them stood up, opened the cabin baggage to get a backpack, and took out a laptop. They discussed their presentation during the flight.

Kirana got a seat near the window. She could cry as much as she wanted and no one would see or interrupt her. Tried to forget about Romeo and their weekend together, she closed her eyes. Tried to have some sleep.

She was hungry as the plane peacefully landed. She had lunch at one of the restaurant after she got her suitcase at the baggage claim. She forced herself to finish the food though she lost her appetite. Some women looked at her direction and whispered with someone beside them. They must be seen the tears on her cheeks. This was why she hated crying in public. Well, there was no hope for it.

Arrived at home, she leaned into the door and cried again. Now she did not need to worry about anyone or anything. No one would she her on her lowest moment. No one would wonder seeing her red and puffy eyes. Nevertheless, she did not understand. Why did it really hurt? What was happened with her? Where was the strong woman she usually was?

Sat on the edge of the bed, Kirana stared at the suitcase. Her gaze moved to the bags of souvenirs. She sighed. She picked up and checked one of the bags. Walked out of the bedroom she went to the kitchen. She took out a bottle of water and drank it. Before she went to bed, she had to do something.

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