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Angel Falls in My Embrace – Chapter 75

White shirt, dark brown shorts, and white sneakers made him looked relax. But that was not what he felt in his chest. His heart was beating so fast thinking about his plan. For tens times he glanced at the mirror checking his appearing. His blond hair was combed neatly. He let his front hair fell freely covering his forehead. He was not going to office, he did not need to arrange his hair the way he managed it at work. He smiled at his shaved cheeks, chin, and neck. He was ready to go.

If he went to office using his Mercedes-Benz drove by Markus, this time he drove his Ford truck. He needed weeks to adjust the different side of driving wheel when he first arrived in Jakarta. Every time he went home, he just needed hours to readjust and vice versa.

He was going to meet his loved ones. The waiting was over. It was time for him to claim what was his. To reduce his nervousness, he turned on the CD player and let the rock and roll singer sang loudly in the car. The traffic was good as he drove his truck smoothly. He arrived at the destination half an hour later.

The large cup full of coffee was empty. Two bags of potato chips long gone. Three hours sat behind the wheel and watched the house, no one was coming out. Perhaps, this strategy was useless. It was better if he just jumped out of the car, knocked the door, and greeted her with his son.

A taxi came from behind him and stopped in front of the house. Miles sat straight as he looked at the front door. A boy came out first. His heart started beating fast when he saw the woman who came out next.

She wore a white sleeveless dress decorated with sun flower. The skirt was a bit higher from her knee. Her long hair was loose with lovely curl on the tip. His chest ached. She was so close yet he had to hold himself to run and hug her. She was so beautiful it hurt.

When the taxi moved, he waited for a while before tailing them. He kept the safe distance, so no one knew he was following them. The taxi stopped in front of a park. Miles drove his truck to the parking slot and searched for them inside. Looking for them between hundred people picnicking in the park, he found them. They was under a tree. They sat together on a blanket.

A boy shouted a William name and the boy turned his head. Miles put his hand on his chest. He was overwhelming with happiness. He was right. Kirana named him by William. Name he chose when he and Angelica was planning to have a child. The name he loved for its meaning. The boy played football with other children who looked the same age as him.

His eyes then moved to where Kirana was sitting. She watched their son playing by checking something on her tab. Miles was struggling whether he approached her right away or waited for the right time to do it.

The answer was come when a ball stopped right beside his foot. Miles leaned down and took it. He saw a boy ran toward him. A blond hair boy and, Miles gasped as he broadened his eyes, light blue eyes. No more doubt. He was his son.

“May I? That’s our ball.” He asked in a perfect British accent. How did he get that? Kirana did not speak with that accent. He asked in English, he must thought that he could not speak in Indonesian.

“Sure. What’s your name?” Miles squatted down so they could talk face to face.

“Mom said no talk to stranger. You’re a stranger.” He seriously said. Smart boy.

“I’m Miles. Now, I’m not a stranger.” Miles extended his hand toward the boy. He suspiciously stared at him. He kept frowning.

“Yes, you are. I just met you.” He insisted.

“Good point.” Miles gave up and threw the ball to him. He quickly caught it.

“Thank you.” He politely said.

“You’re welcome, Will.” Miles replied. The sentence made the boy turned his head back at him.

“You know my name?” He shockingly asked.

There were yelling from behind him. Miles looked at the field through the boy’s shoulder. His friends could not wait for him to take back the ball. Miles fetched the ball from William’s hands and threw it to the kids. They yelled their gratitude. He did not need to turn around. He knew he already got Kirana’s attention.

“I gave you that name.” Miles answered as he shrugged.

“My mom gave me my name.” He objected. Of course she would say that kind of thing.

“You don’t want to know why I gave you that name?” Miles asked. He frowned.

“No. Mom gave me my name.” William stomped his foot on the grass. Mm. Just liked his mother when she was awfully mad.

“Miles?” Kirana called behind him.

“Mommy!” William quickly ran toward his mother. Miles stood up and looked at her. From this close distance, he could see how beautiful she was wearing that dress. But, he was on mission. He needed to stay focus and accomplish it.

“So, we have a son?” Miles asked with a dead serious face. Kirana nervously gulped.

“Miles, I can explain it.” Her face was getting paler. He did not care. She knew she did the bad thing. That was why she was nervous.

“When? After you quit the job and run away from this city?” Miles asked, half-yelled. Thinking about her insistence was driving him mad again. Kirana closed her mouth tightly. “So, I’m right? You’re planning to go away and bringing my son with you?”

“Miles, you get it wrong. That’s not what I mean.” She shook her head.

“He’s my son, Kirana. Ouch!” Miles groaned. He looked down and met William eyes who looked mad at him. Did his son just kick him?

“Don’t yell at my mom!” He screamed angrily.

“Look what you just did.” Miles said to Kirana.

“What? Me? What did I just do?” Kirana protested. Miles ignored her and crouched down in front of his son. She snorted.

“Do you want to know why I’m the one giving you that name?” Miles asked him again. The boy looked at his mother and glanced at him again. “Because I’m your daddy.”

“No, you’re not. My daddy died!” William disagreed. Miles gasped. He glared at Kirana who looked anywhere but him. Miles groaned angrily and glanced back at his son.

“Your mom told you that I died?” He interrogated him.

“Yes! I have a strong mom. I don’t need a daddy. I’m a very special child. I don’t need,” William blurted all the words he heard from his mom. Kirana abruptly covered his mouth with her hand. Miles looked at her in disbelief.

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