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Angel Falls in My Embrace – Chapter 77

Kirana laughed with him. She was relieved. So relieved. It had been a long time she laughed that freely. Laughing the past, the stupidity and anxiety that was wasting all of her time. Miles was not a narrow-minded man as she thought. He was not just wanting William, but also wanting her. Unfortunately, all those facts were not enough to convince her to be his wife. Too much fearfulness and doubt in her heart.

“And all the visits to your office was my way to make sure that I’ll have a child with you. However, from all of the visits, I dared only once to sleep with you. I didn’t want you to think that I was only after your body. I’d do anything to make you say yes, Kirana.” He confessed. Kirana just smiled.

“Are you ready to talk with him?” Kirana switched the topic by talking about their son. Miles did not object. He nodded his head. She needed time to process all of this awkward situation. She called the boy. Obeying her, he ran back to where they were. The boy sat next to his mother.

“Will, he’s your daddy. Miles Alastair Bradford.” Kirana introduced them. He knew the fact already, he did not surprise anymore.

“Why does he have weird names, Mom?” William asked. Miles coughed, amused.

“Because Daddy’s not Indonesian.” Kirana truthfully answered. He nodded slightly. Then he stood and approached Miles.

“Oh. That’s why my hair, skin, and eyes were not like you or my friends. I’m like Daddy.” He touched Miles’s hair, skin, then observed his eyes. His father tried his best not to move.

“Where’s Daddy all this time, Mom?” He asked again to his mother, not to his father who was closer. “Why doesn’t he stay with us?”

“There’s a misunderstanding between us. But we’ve settled everything. We’re good now.” Kirana glanced at Miles. He looked back.

“Misunderstanding? What’s that, Mom?” William sat next to her again.

“Well, misunderstanding is, um,” Kirana was considering her best answer. Miles chuckled. An idea popped up in his mind when a man with a dog passed in front of him.

“Have you ever talk to a dog?” Miles asked. William turned his head toward him.

“No.” He shook his head.

“Because you can’t talk its language, right?” Miles asked. The boy quickly nodded. “That’s a misunderstanding.” Miles concluded. Kirana’s jaw dropped.

“Now I get it.” William happily said. He glanced at the field when someone called his name. “May I go now, Mom? Or do you have anything else to tell me?”

“You may.” She let him go.” “Come back when you’re hungry.”

“Okay.” William stood up and ran toward his friends. He looked back just to wave his hand. From his peripheral vision, Miles could see Kirana glared at him.

“What?” Miles laughed. He could guess what was disturbing her mind at this time. Kirana still looked at him in disbelief. “It works.” Miles shrugged.

“Next time, I’m the one who answer all of his questions.” She frustratingly said. She threw him her forefinger. “Your answer wasn’t helpful. At all.”

“Just because I gave him a different kind of analogy?”

“Because you gave him an inaccurate analogy.” She objected. “Well, he’s in kindergarten at this time, but he’ll be in school soon, Miles. Do you think he won’t ever use your answer to argue with his teacher one day?”

“Hey. It wan’t my fault. I’m being a dad just for a few hours. I can’t be as better as you who’s being his mom for five years.” Miles countered.

“You’re right.” Kirana laughed. “I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah. You’re sorry by laughing at me. Great.” He moved closer and sat beside her. “So, is that mean you’ll move in to my house?”

“What? No.” Kirana pulled away. Miles wrapped her waist with his hands to prevent her going farther. She laughed ticklish when his hair stroked her face.

“Are you going to marry me.” He whispered.

“No.” Kirana chuckled. Miles frowned. “Do you think, just because we have children together I’ll throw myself to you? Miles, that’s mean you have no idea about me. I can’t be conquered that easy.” She tilted her head challenging him.

“But I know how to change your mind.” He teased.

“Well, looks like it hasn’t work.” Kirana showed him her ring-less wedding finger. Miles laughed as he kissed her. Kirana shrieked.

“What? Did I hurt the baby?” Miles panicky asked. She laughed.

“Not that. We’re in public. This is Indonesia, Miles. People aren’t used to a couple who are kissing lips to lips.” She reminded him.

“You’re right. We’ll wait until we’re alone.” He sighed. Kirana laughed.

“You’re that confidence, huh? I don’t think we’ll be ever alone again. I’ll keep a safe distance from you.” She said it a serious tone but her lips curved a beautiful smile.

“Sweetheart, you know you can’t resist me.” He smugly said. When she did not say anything, Miles put his chin on her shoulder. They watched their son playing football with the other kids. He felt as if they were family already.

Argued and Miles won in the end, Kirana gave in and got into his truck. After shut her door, he helped William jumped into the back seat. He helped him fastened his seat belt. When he finally sat behind the wheel, he smiled contentedly toward Kirana. Yep, they were family already.

“Wow, Dad. This car is cool!” William shouted. Miles laughed.

“I can drive you anywhere you want. Do you anywhere in mind?” Miles asked. He was silence as he was thinking where he wanted to go.

“Can we have some ice cream, Mom?” William asked.

“Not today. I’m tired, anyway. Can we just go home, please?” Kirana begged. William and Miles took a deep breath at once. “We can go tomorrow, if you still want it.” She looked at their son in the back seat. William cheerfully agreed.

“Can Dad come with us?” William asked. Miles and Kirana looked at each other.

“If he wants to.” She encouragingly smiled at him.

“I want to.” Miles quickly answered. Once again, William cheered. Miles reached her hands on her lap and squeezed it. Kirana looked at him. He formed a thank you toward her with his lips.

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