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Angel Falls in My Embrace – Chapter 84

Miles took a deep breath. He looked depressed, but she did not care. If he wanted to talk about it, they would. She would not stop until everything was clear. And clear meant he had to forget about his intention to marry her. She would make him hated her if that what made him stayed away.

“What should I do to make you believe in me?” Miles squeezed her hand. “Kirana, I don’t care about what people thinking. I just care in my opinion. And for me, you’re beautiful. You’re captivated my heart on the first day we made love. Six years have passed and I still want you. I don’t want anyone else. I want you. Those are not fake compliments, sweetheart. I meant every single word.”

“You’ll regret it, Miles. I’m not what you see who I am now.” She insisted.

“I still want to marry you.” He seriously said.

“There will be a better woman shows up one day who makes you forget about me. You’ll choose her over me.” The others did. What would make Miles different from them all? Nothing.

“It won’t happen. There’s no other woman since I met you. There’s no other woman either when we’re married. I still want to marry you.” He sure did not back off after everything she said.

“I don’t love you.” She was exasperated. Miles smiled.

“I’m sure I can make you love me. Marry me, Kirana.” He did not give in.

“Why don’t you give up, yet? Why, Miles?” Miles frustratingly said.

“Because I love you.” And with those words, he broke her walls. Kirana cried hard. She closed her face with her free hand. Miles looked at her for a while. He sat closer and hugged her. She wrapped her hands around his waist, pulled him closer. Then, she sank her face into Miles neck.

“I love you, too.” She sobbed. Miles smiled joyfully.

“I know.”

Miles let her cried in his embrace as long as she needed it. He whispered his love and reassured her that they would be happy together. The words soothed her. She breathed a relief after confessed her love for him. Cooling down, she pulled away from his hug.

“What do you need to prepare the wedding? My birth certificate? Passport?” Kirana brushed away the tears from her cheeks.

“I don’t need anything. I’ve got every information and document I need.” Miles leisurely replied. She frowned. She stared at him in confusion.


“I took your passport from your purse.” Kirana widened her mouth as she heard it. Miles grinned. “I saw you put it in the purse when you were packing your stuff to move in here. So, I knew where to find it.” He shrugged. She shook her head.

“Okay. Why next month?” She curiously asked. Marriage was not easy to arrange. They had to talk to his parents and family, chose the date, spread the invitation, and so on.

“I don’t want to wait.” He caressed her stomach. “Your belly’s getting bigger every day. Next month is the fastest date they can make. If they could, I wanted to marry you today.”

“Your parents will hate me.” She sadly said. Miles caressed her cheek.

“They like you and Will just after they heard your names.” He said.

“You’re annoying, Miles.” Kirana said. Miles chuckled.

The late afternoon, they went to the mal and regretted it. They forgot it was Sunday. Every mall was crowded with people who were looking for fun. But not William. He happily moved from shelves to shelves looking for the books he wanted. All the interesting books he found, he gave it to his mother to be checked. She widened her eyes. There were lots of book he picked. Miles chuckled.

“We may have no time to the book store for weeks. I have to go out of city to work the next two weeks. Choose books for a month. We can bring some to England. Don’t worry about money.” He picked the book on the top and checked the cover.

“You’ll spoil him, Miles.” She warned.

“I don’t mind spoiled him with books. As long as it’s not toy.” He seriously said. Kirana smiled as she nodded in agreement.

“Fair enough.” She started checking the books.

Miles called William to come back when Kirana had enough books for their son. Their next destination was surprising Kirana. Miles took her to a jewelry shop. Knowing what he wanted, he told the shopkeeper. Some gold mixed with titanium rings were displayed in front of them. William admired the precious stone attached on every ring.

“Do you have anything you like?” Miles asked. Kirana confusingly stared at him. “Come on.”

“But, Miles. They’re very expensive.” She whispered. The shopkeeper was leaving them with the rings and served another couple.

“Please?” Miles begged. Kirana looked at the rings and Miles back and forth. Finally, she pointed the most beautiful she ever saw.

“For who do you buy this ring?” Kirana confused. Miles just smiled and looked at the shopkeeper who came back to serve them.

“We want this one.” Miles pointed the ring which Kirana chose. “Would you, please, get the right size for her? Thank you.”

“Okay. A minute, please.” The man approached the display shelf behind him. Kirana frowned as she glanced at Miles. He just gave her his meaningful smile.  “Here, Mam. Try this one.” He gave her the same ring that she pointed, but different in size.

“Let me do it.” Miles put William down and asked him to stay beside him. He took the ring from its box and put it around Kirana’s right ring finger. It fixed her finger perfectly.

“Miles, this,” Understood what he was trying to show her, Kirana stunned.

“You get the right size. Thank you.” Miles took his credit card out of his wallet and handed it to the shopkeeper. After the man left them, he looked back at her, leaned down, and kissed her.

“What’s this kiss for?” Kirana was nervous as she looked around them.

“Now, you’re officially my fiancé.” Miles kissed her again. Kirana smiled. “I love you, Kirana.”

“Love you, too, Miles.”

“Mom, Dad, not here.” William protested. He stomped his foot on the floor angrily. Miles smiled. He picked him up and carried him again.

“This one is for you.” He kissed his cheek softly. William ticklish laughed. “I love you, Will.”

“I love you, Dad.” William tightened his hug.

Miles carried his son with one hand and the other hand was holding a plastic bag fulled of children books as he exited the shop. Kirana wrapped her hands around Miles arm. William picked an ice cream café. Kirana could guess what he was going to order. His favorite banana split.

She loved to see how Miles tried his best to know his son. She smiled whenever he broadened his eyes listened to William questions. He might be wondering how could he keep on asking questions almost about everything. Since the day he gave him a silly answer, he was very careful and thinking thoroughly before answering William’s question.

When a man approached them and said that he was from an ad agent, Kirana did not wait for him to finish. She just asked for his name card and promised him to discuss his offer with her husband. Miles looked at her in disbelief. After he left, Kirana told him everything. About the offer people gave her, so that William could be their advertisement model. Miles proudly smiled.

That night, Miles read the book again for William. Did not want to bother them she left them both in William’s bedroom. Kirana took a shower, changed to her night-gown, and put on night cream on her face. Miles got into the bathroom when she was brushing her hair. He put a hand around her stomach, brushed away the hair covering his left shoulder and then kissed her there.

“Will?” Kirana asked. She put the brush on the counter.

“Sleeping.” Miles kissed her neck and chuckled. “You were right. I’m not done with the first book, he’s fallen asleep.”

“You’re a great father, Miles.” She genuinely praised him. Miles lifted his head. They looked at each other through the mirror.

“You’re a cool mother.” Miles mimicked the way William said it. “I love you. Thank you for letting me to marry you.”

“Wait a minute. I never said I want to marry you.” Kirana frowned.

“Mm–hm. You just said I’m annoying.” He chuckled. Kirana laughed with him.

“I love you, too, Miles. Though you’re annoying sometimes.” Kirana narrowed her eyes. They laughed together.

“Are you done?” He kissed her neck. “Let’s go, we need to sleep now.”

“Sleep?” Kirana teased. Miles laughed.

“You know what I mean.”

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