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Angel Falls in My Embrace – Chapter 93

The wedding reception was held in a luxurious hotel. It was lunch with family and some important people in their city. However, the reception was just for fifty people. Because Shane and Amanda did not want to hijack their son’s wedding day by inviting all people they know, they decided to limit the invitation. After lunch and saying their congratulations, the guests let them go to their honey moon. Miles and Kirana stopped at Bradford’s home to get change and pick their luggage.

Tired with their activities all day, Kirana was fallen asleep in the airplane. Sleepily, she walked out the plane when they were arrived. Miles brought her to toilet to freshened up, then by holding her hand approached the immigration. As all the process was done, they walked together to the terminal exit. She felt Miles kissed her cheek before he carried her and put her in a taxi. Sighing, Kirana leaned to him and fell asleep again.

Waking up at the other time, her surrounding was dark. Since she could not feel anyone on the sheet next to her, she was lying on the bed alone. She sat and blinked. There was humming coming from somewhere. She looked around and saw a light from under the door close to her. She smiled weakly. Carefully, she put her feet on the floor and stood.

Quietly, she walked to the door. As the door was unlocked, she slowly opened it. Miles was brushing his teeth in front of the mirror. Their eyes met at the mirror, Kirana smiled. Miles gargled and spat on the sink. She approached him, then hugged him tightly from behind.

“Hi, Wife.” Miles greeted. He wiped his mouth with a hand towel.

“Hi.” Kirana sleepily replied.

“If you’re sleepy, why do you wake up?” He asked softly.

“I was sleeping alone.” She pouted.

“I just finished and ready to sleep.” Miles caressed her hands folded on his chest.

“I’m just woke up and you want to sleep?” Kirana protested. She lessened her embrace. Miles used the opportunity to turn around.

“Are you hungry?” He asked. Kirana nodded. “Come, I’ll be with you when you eat.” Miles reached her hand and pulled her out the bathroom. Kirana followed him willingly.


“Asleep. It’s midnight.” Miles replied.

“What? Then,” Kirana quickly counted in her head. “I slept for nine hours?”

“That’s normal.” Miles chuckled. “Come on, I’ve ordered your food. I’ll warm it for you.”

“Ordered?” Kirana surprisingly asked. They were at home, why did he have to order food? They had a best chef here. He cooked the best food she had ever taste. It was better than any restaurant.

“We’re in Paris, remember? We’re just married, then next is honey moon. Of course, we’re ordering food. I can’t cook.” Miles reminded her. That was when Kirana looked around her thoroughly.

They were not in Miles’s house. There were huge floor to ceiling windows in front of her. They were in the kitchen completed by cooking utensils. On her right side was huge doors. On her left side was  small door, looked like the other bedroom. There were dining table, couches, coffee table, big television, and office table. They were in a suite.

Her sight distracted by the view out the window. She approached it. Her mouth gaped and her eyes widened when she saw the scenery. Eiffel Tower. Miles was telling the truth. They were in Paris in real. How could they got in here and she did not realise it?

“We’re in a hotel?” Kirana quietly asked.

“We are.” Miles wrapped his hands around her waist.

“How did I get here?” She confused.

“You were asleep all the way here, no wonder you couldn’t remember. I carried you to this room. Will was so understanding and letting you take a rest.” Miles sank his head and kissed her neck. When Kirana turned around, he had to lessened his hug. She raised her head and looked at him in the eyes. Without her heels, their height differences made her raised her head higher.

“I’m sorry, Miles. I ruined our wedding night.” She sighed.

“There are nights for us ahead. You and the baby are the most important ones.” Miles touched his nose tip to her nose. Kirana smiled. “You needed to sleep, anyway. I enjoyed everything with Will. So, you didn’t ruin anything.”

“I love you.” She tiptoed and kissed his lips.

“I love you, too.” Miles whispered and quickly pulled away. “Now, you have to eat.”

“Okay.” Kirana chuckled.

Kirana mentioned all the places she wanted to visit in the city. Miles agreed with all of her ideas. However, he only permitted to visit one place a day. Seeing Kirana was sad, he promised that they might visit two places in a day if she was not tired. Miles reminded her about her hatred toward tiring herself on vacation.

“This is Paris, Miles. Paris.” Kirana laughed. “I’m ready to walk around till I break my feet. Maybe I won’t come here again anytime soon.”

“Are you forgotten to whom you married to, sweetheart?” Miles teased. Kirana widened her eyes. “Come to this city three or four times a year is not a problem.”

“Oh.” Kirana said quietly. “You have that much money?”

“Our.” Miles chuckled. “That’s not just my money anymore. That’s our money.”

“No, Miles. That’s your hard work achievement.” She declined.

“And you are my wife.” He insisted.

“Aren’t you afraid saying those words to me? What if I plan to manipulate you, take your money from you, and cause you to bankruptcy?”

“Angelica, she would dare doing it. But, not you.”

“What does make you so sure she and I are different?” Kirana challenged. Miles shook his head as he laughed, amused.

“Because a thief won’t tell her plan in the beginning, sweetheart. Stop testing me. I trust you. And I love you. Money is not a big deal.” Miles pecked her lips. Kirana quiet and stared back. “About walk around till you break your feet that you said back then, if that’s happened, you’ll never walk out our house again. I’ll lock you in the bedroom.” Kirana giggled.

Three days in Paris, Miles kept his words. They visited all the places Kirana chose. For they had limited times, she had to content to visit some places from all the places she chose. Eiffel Tower, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, The Louvre, Sainte-Chapelle, and Palace of Versailles. Kirana strengthened herself fo she wanted to visit all those places.

Miles could not protest when she was okay and not showing any exhaustion sign. He was not even protested when at night she was fallen asleep and they could not make love before sleep.

To entertain William who behaved nicely while they visited the museum and any boring places in his opinion, they went to Disneyland. They let him having fun all day on their last day in Paris.

“Thank you, Miles. I promise I’ll pay back everything when we’re home.” Kirana said as the plane took off from Charles de Gaulle.

“Does that mean we’ll make love in the office, too?” Miles winked.

“No.” Kirana chuckled. “Not in the office. We’re lucky no one knows or suspects it. But I don’t think we’ll that lucky next time.”

“We’re husband and wife, Kirana. No one cares.” Miles amusedly said. Kirana looked at him.

“You’re right.” Kirana unfastened her seat belt and kissed her husband’s lips.

“Eww, Mom, Dad. Not here!” William objected. They laughed together.

They stayed in Miles’s parents’ house for the next three days. Amanda and Shane welcomed them happily. William was cheerful that he could play with his grandfather and grandmother again. His grand grandfather came to play with him as well. The chances Miles used to keep his wife in their bedroom. They were doing their delayed honey moon in the room for the rest of their vacation.

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